Downfall of Portuguese football League

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Downfall of Portuguese football League

Beitragvon faelanstevie » Dienstag 10. April 2018, 16:22


The only reason Portugal has had moderate success the last 15 years, is the influx of South American players. Nothing wrong with that, but if you see what happens in Africa and South America to those youngsters, you'll understand why FIFA/UEFA is anti-TPO. Yes, the world is full of inequality.
So to control this global trend of human trafficking, regulation is needed. Neither FFP and TPO will "level playing field"; it's just brings some common sense, dignity and integrity. Remember that the fight against TPO, brings transparency to football and the world; no more shady off-shore company in Malta, no more untraceable flow of money through Switzerland and the Bahama's and no more hiding ownership in Panama.
Players should be free; not shady traffickers. I call Porto and Benfica shady because of all the money vanishing out of football whenever they transfer players, including unkown side contracts hiding real ownership. Or do you like betting-companies owning players?

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