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Livematch tips

Beitragvon GoalStar » Sonntag 23. Januar 2011, 12:39

The livematch is realtime! The system react immediately to tactical changes!

Use the exhaustion of the players as a tactical factor. The more exhaustion your opponent has, the better you can get through his defense.

Try to make your opponent waste power whilst trying to save power on your own. Because the calculations are realtime it`s very usefull to change the tactical settings in reference with the match situation. If you use full power whilst your strikers have a scoring chance you raise the overall playing strenght and the chances of scoring. But you should use the "power button" very carefully and only when necessary or when it looks promising, because of the rising exhaustion.

Perhaps use your best best players in the second half to have the highest playing strength against exhausted opponents to score or to defend.

Your players react immediatly to your tactical instructions. If you choose "wingplay", your players try to use the wings, and change their pathes to play a cross. The wingplay setting must be selected untill the cross is played when you want to play the cross. If you choose the other wing or the center whilst your player is on the wing, he will immediatly change his path and try to score on his own and plays NO cross.

Tactical settings as offensive or defensive change the positions of your players and also their attacking ranges. If you play offensive your defense attacks earlier.

Analize the passing of your players and perhaps move them around to change tactics and
to outwit your opponent.

Use the wings to score!

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