First Aid Package For Football Manager Starters

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First Aid Package For Football Manager Starters

Beitragvon GoalStar » Donnerstag 9. Juni 2011, 12:37

First things first: hire a co-trainer, a goalkeeping coach, an informant, a masseur and a security service (Office -> Staff). And keep in mind to save costs. You do not need the best staff for a relative weak team and a small stadium! The other staff is not that much important in the beginning. Then distribute the training points (Team -> Training) and make the lineup (Team -> Lineup).

One of the kind of this game is the live match! The matches proceed in realtime calculations! Of course your players can play without your intervention, but you can give active directions to your players which have immediate effects on the match events! Good gamers fight against each other with lifeblood in cup ties or important league matches. Split-second decissions can decide between victory and defeat!

Arrange a friendly every day from day one! This is very important for your team and the income of your club! The entrance fees will be shared between the host and the away team. Because your stadium is small in the beginning, you should find friendly partners with a big stadium to raise maximum income for your club. As important as the extra income is the match practise of EVERY playing minute! You must not attend the matches, even the results have no meaning for the progress of your team, but you must let them play!

Training and match practise are the requirements for the improvement of your player skills!! Beginning with the 8th day your players start steady improvements if you act on this advise! You can only gain extra match practise and extra income in friendlies and tournament matches. Good players arrange both types of extra matches every day. You must not attend the matches but you should arrange them because of the importance of the match practice and the extra income!

Remember that the results of the friendlies and tournaments are immaterial! But every playing minute has positive effects on your players! You need more help? Simply click on the small blue information icons on every page, read the Beginner Tips or even better than that, get in contact with other players on the Message Board!

Your league starts as soon as it is filled with 10 teams. Kickoff is consistently at 4.50pm GMT on a matchday. The season has always 18 matchdays a month. Study the Playing Schedule, it NEVER changes!

If you won`t wait until your league starts, you can arrange challenge matches against other players or bot teams. To arrange a match with another player you have to find an online opponent. Therefore click on "Show Latest Players Online", chose a team and click the challenge button! But you should have an informant to show the overall strength of the other clubs. The other clubs must accept your challenge, therefore better send more challenges than one. The first team that accept your challenge set up the match. All other challenges for the same time become void.

Challenges are just for fun and the so called Teamrank and Division Table ranking. They have no effects on your team, your stadium or your club (no match practice, no exhaustion, no suspensions, no injuries, no stadium damages and no income).

Dont blow your money in the beginning and give your team as much games as you can (friendlies and tournaments)! This is crucial. And cast a glance at the Game Manual from time to time, it doesn`t hurt ; )

You can collect Awards (Office -> Club -> Awards). On the left hand you can see your car. Mouseover the award and follow the instructions! It`s a hidden tutorial and the road to success!

You needn`t be online during the matches of your team. You can play the game with an effort of only 2 minutes per day. Simply maintain your stadium, maintain the lawn, extend contracts and arrange friendlies. But you should persue the strategy to manage your team in important matches because of the realtime character of the game. In important matches your opponent will be online and then your team needs your managing skills that will decide on victory or defeat! This is the real thrill of the game!

If you use Mozilla Firefox, we highly recommend our GFA Notifier Add-on. It shows the result and the minutes of the livematch in the Add-on Toolbar whilst you are surfing! It enables you to jump into the livematch with one click! It`s a must-have!

Keep the focus on the expansion of your stadium! That is even more important than giving your team match practise! The Megastadium is the groundwork of EACH Top Team! The stadium is the most important revenue stream of your club.

Therefore a last tip for you! : ) Build constantly stadium seats between your home matches! Keep in mind that the construction works must be finished before the next kickoff! If stadium sections are still under construction, they will be closed for your fans and that means no income for your coffers! You can construct 6 seats per stadion section per hour if you have no stadium roof. If you have a stadium roof, you can calculate with 4 seats per hour per section.

We have activated you a free Premium Account for 14 days. The game is for free anyway. The Premium Account has some benefits you can see here but its NOT crucial for having success in the game. Of course we like to have your support but you do not need a Premium Account to be successfull. Promise!

If you like the game we would be pleased if you recommendate the game to your friends (Account -> Invite friends). Of course you get a reward for new managers.

And now- have fun! ; )

Your Footballmanager Team

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