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Staff Calculation

Beitragvon GoalStar » Freitag 6. Mai 2011, 18:35

Calculation of the staff (try to safe money!)
Too expensive staff costs unnecessarily money. In the beginning you need no top staff. All calculations assume that a 100% staff can handle the maximum what is possible. Keep that in mind when u calculate your needs. Then take a growth margin of what you intend to grow in the coming months because after 30 days a contract runs off and then take a suitable for the following contract period.

A Co-Trainer
A co-trainer ensures that the bars of your players to be filled 100%. So when a player somewhere is not at 100% you have to train him. Only 100% players make good progress with their overall playing strength.
Match practice and 100% player bars are the key for the progress!!!

A 100% co-trainer can train 25 players with a 9.9 skill. So his skill combines 247.5 points. In the beginning you have 14 players with a strength of about 4. That makes 4 x 14 = 56 skill points.

(56% x 100) / 247.5 = 22.6%. Take a safety margin of your players to grow and a co-trainer of 30% is ok.
You will soon save a sloppy amount of credits each day.

If the bars stay below 100%, then your co trainer is to weak. But you have to give him a chance and watch your players a few days to see if he is able to make progress on your players.

The Bars
Integration: Fitness: Speed:
Also deal with fatigue and play matches.
Integration can also promote training matches.

In tiredness, you need a masseur in every case! A average one last out for the beginning.

Hire a Goalie-Coach!
This is subject to the same thing. A 100% coach can train 2 goalkeeper with a skilllevel of 9,9 to 100%. That is a total of 19,8 skill points.

When u have a goalkeeper of 4.1 and 3.8, that makes together 7.9. So you have to calculate a goalie coach like this:
(7.9 x 100%) / 19.8 = 38.9% again and take a safety margin of 45%
It also saves 100,000 credit per day.

Security Service
You must have a security service to avoid expensive vandalism in your stadium! This will happen in
every case you have a homematch without a security service. The service is a musthave!

The maxium stadium capacity is 125.000 seats. A 100% Service can handle this. 50% Service can handle
62500 a 10% can handle 12500. So u can easily calculate what kind of service fits to your needs.

Keep on expanding your stadium every day between the home matches!

The constructors are able to build 6 seats per block in one hour if your stadium has no roof. If it
has a roof, they can contruct about 4 seats per hour. Keep this in mind when you calculate the daily
expansion. The works must be finished before the kickoff of your next homematch. If they are not, no fans
can pay entrance fees and you lose money!

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